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There are ample funds for transportation maintenance and construction, however politicians and unqualified appointees have hijacked funding and squandered Federal, State and local funds on projects to suit failed "political" agendas, while allowing Caltrans and local corruption to flourish. Measure A, with the same loopholes as the old Measure D, is carefully designed for more unsafe traffic congestion for buses, autos, bikes and pedestrians in Santa Barbara County, while providing lucrative contracts to contractors and marketing organizations. Will you stand up and make government agencies clean up their act? We appreciate your verifiable input here.
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Measure D was passed in 1989 with the promise that funds would go primarily to improve highways and arterial roads, and SB City promised to improve streets. Instead the City narrowed State Street, created bulbouts and "roundabouts", "Taxin' Jackson" helped cause overruns on major projects, and Lois Capps blocked Federal funding to widen Highway 101.

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Who is making money from the monster buildings in Chapala Canyon? (notice freeway traffic) Chapala Canyon
... and a last question: Pot Holes?
1. Lane 2 of Hwy 101?
2. $3 MILLION Carrillo Underpass Paving?
3. New Hollister Road paving?
4. Sinkhole on Ellwood Beach Drive?
5. El Colegio Road?
6. Moon Craters?
Caltrans has over a thousand cameras monitoring us.

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SBCAG (no TM) and Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC) have spent more tax money on a Rail Report (March 2008), yet it concludes that the feasibility of a dedicated commuter rail service is LOW. So why does the proposed Measure A include twenty-five million dollars for rail? Measure A is analogous to US taxpayers giving residents of Juarez a free ride to El Paso to work, so they can take their money back "behind the (Ventura County) line."

Listen on local radio for Katie Cluk of Cars Are Basic . org discussing the "City Hall Street Cloggers."

A 2007 SBCAG (gov org with no TM) Staff Report stated that Steve Pappas and others challenged the SBCAG (no TM) claims for Chumash business enterprises and Santa Ynez Valley, and that SBCAG (other org, no TM) admitted "discrepancies" in their "assumptions" and will "confirm" data. If Pappas is elected, maybe we will uncover some facts, instead of more recently-dead bodies.

The Santa Ynez Valley journal reported that "Third District Supervisor candidate Dave Smyser's campaign is being financed primarily by contributions from mysterious companies that have no apparent connection to Santa Barbara County... several of which list addresses in San Francisco that do not exist... (February 14, 2008.)

Doreen Farr now states that she will listen to public opinion, but she is backed by slush-fund puppet harridans who have repeatedly rejected available Federal funding for widening highway 101, and steam rolled "traffic planning" nightmares and other disasters despite public outcry, such that Susan Rose was removed from office, and Janet Wolf may be next to walk the plank.

Edhat reported that "The Chumash Casino keeps deputies busy. Last year (2007) deputies cruised over to the casino 540 times, 229 cases were opened, and there were 159 arrests of 'one or more subjects'." Defenders of "Chumash" businessmen not paying normal taxes say that the casino has benefits and can not expand, but that is what was said about illegal immigration and gun registration 50 years ago. Now law-abiding citizens are taxed and controlled, while criminals, aliens and intercalate imposters are able to get all that they want...

Last year a small retaining wall that could have been built for $200K without moving utilities, was poorly designed and bid for $635K, but due to errors, such as digging up the creekbed against Fish and Game Permit, and moving all the utilities TWICE, it cost the taxpayers over $1.4 MILLION just for construction work. The Contractor (who incidentally won 3 Caltrans contracts in a row), Edison, Verizon, Cox all received payments. The unlicensed Caltrans Resident Engineer responsible for the payments has no engineering degree, despite Caltrans policy for Resident Engineer to be a licensed Professional Engineer.

Now Caltrans proposes $1 million dollars to install a 10' fence on Cold Springs Bridge, although people are allowed to walk on train tracks and get killed, and graffiti is painted on city bridges by people who regularly get around 10' high "barriers"- thus jumpers may easily move to La Cumbre or other city bridges, where they may cause accidents and kill innocent victims when they land. Therefore the barrier on Cold Springs and its publicity may promote death. Click for story. Will the bridge be able to take the extra construction? ...or will it end up like the Minnesota bridge? Bridge Fall Down

"Yes, in your backyard."
Santa Barbara Planning Commissioners John Jostes, Stella Larson and Addison Thompson voted to replace an aging gas station at Coast Village and Olive Mill roads (adjacent to another proposed roundabout) with eight condos and commercial space. Larson said she had no problem with allowing a section of the building to extend into the northern setback toward a single-family residence, and an emergency stairway to bulge into the eastern setback. “Once it’s built, folks are gonna love it,” Larson said. “I think it’s going to be great for Coast Village Road.” “I find this project to be very approvable,” she said. “I think it’s a great project for the site.”

Commissioners Bruce Bartlett, Charmaine Jacobs and Harwood White recused themselves from the vote due to "ties with the developer".

“We’re very disappointed that they did not pay more attention to the concerns of the Montecito community,” Derek Westen, an attorney representing the neighbors directly to the north of the project site, said immediately following the Planning Commission’s decision.

Jeff Gorrell, an architect with Lenvik & Minor Architects, designed the project, and developer is John Price. (from the The Santa Barbara Daily Sound, March 21, 2008)

For more information on how the Santa Barbara Transportation Planning Department and Measure D impact your life, or to join one of these organizations, please visit these sites:
Save Coast Village Road
Red Light Cameras
Reason Foundation

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